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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

How to remove freak data values and correct the distorted chart in Amibroker ?

We are often bogged down when we see a weird distorted stock chart in Amibroker and the reason for that is one or more wrong data values that have been imported along with our data. How to remove these freak data values in Amibroker?
The distorted chart

While importing data, we seldom end up with a freak data value that results in a distorted stock chart like the above one.
To pinpoint that freak-value, we need to investigate the chart in lowest possible time frame- in our case I have changed the timeframe to 'Daily' as I am using an EOD database.
The freak value that distorted the chart

While in the daily mode, we slowly scroll towards the beginning of the database to pinpoint the freak value. Having done that, we just select that freak value in the Edit menu of Amibroker and select the 'Delete Quotation' option to delete that value.
Selecting the freak value

Just that and we are done. The distorted chart has been corrected. 

Rectified chart
Look at the first and the last chart and see the difference !

One more thing to mention is- 'Delete Quotation' option deletes the values of a particular scrip whereas 'Delete Session' option deletes the values of whole database.


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