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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Latest Listing Update

(1) MEP Infrastructure Developers Limited:

Issue Price: Rs. 63 (at lower band )
Listing Price (NSE): Rs.65
Closing Price: Rs. 58.4

(2) VRL Logistics Ltd.:
Issue Price: Rs. 205 (at higher band )
Listing Price (NSE): Rs.295
Closing Price: Rs. 283

(3) Inox Wind Ltd.:
Issue Price: Rs. 325 (at higher band )
Listing Price (NSE): Rs.400
Closing Price: Rs. 438

(4) Adlabs Entertainment Ltd.:
Issue Price: Rs. 180 (at lower end of the revised price band )
Listing Price (NSE): Rs.162.2
Closing Price: Rs. 192.65

(5) Ortel Communications Ltd.

Issue Price: Rs. 181 (at lower band )
Listing Price (NSE): Rs.160
Closing Price: Rs. 162.25


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