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Friday, August 9, 2013

Online FD Interest Calculator

Mr. Sinha wanted know the accrued interest and the latest amount of his investments for accounting and income tax purposes. Mr. Sinha is having a few long tenure FDs and every year he is supposed to mention the accrued interest in his ‘Computation of Income ‘ and the latest vale of his investments (including the accrued interest )in his balance sheet. For an FD booked on 21st December, the calculation of ‘accrued interest’ till 31st of March was really perturbing for him. Though Mr. Sinha was not bad in maths but he found all these calculations quite annoying and he decided to search for some online calculator which calculates the accrued interest between two dates that too with the quarterly compounding option. To make the job for people like Mr. Sinha easy, I created a simple Online Fixed Deposit (FD) Interest Calculator. When a user feeds principal, coupon rate (or interest rate), desired dates and the compounding periodicity (the default option is 4 as generally interest is compounded quarterly), he gets accrued interest and the latest amount of his investment.

Online FD Interest Calculator Investment For Prosperity
Enter Interest Rate %
Compounding Periodicity
Enter First Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
Enter Second Date (mm/dd/yyyy)
Accumulated Interest

NB: This is a Javascript application and shall work only when your browser settings and security 
softwares allow it to run.


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