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Friday, January 25, 2013

What does EQ, BE, BL, BT, GC, IL and IQ mean?

These symbols denote various types of series traded on the NSE (National Stock Exchange).

Represents equity. Intra-day transactions are permissible. Normal trading is done in this category.
Shares falling in the Trade for Trade or T segment are traded in this series and no intra-day trade squaring is allowed- this means trades can only be settled only by accepting or giving the delivery of shares.
This series is for facilitating block deals- An orders should have at least 5,00,000 (and more) shares. This block window session is only available for 35 minutes- 09:15 -9:45 AM

This series provides an exit route to small investors having shares in the physical form with a cap of maximum 500 shares.
Government Securities and Treasury Bills are traded under this category
Under this series-type only FIIs (Foreign Institutional Investors) can trade among themselves.
Permissible only in those securities where maximum permissible limit for FIIs is not breached.
To facilitate QFI (Qualified Foreign Investors) to trade in companies without the prior approval of the depositories where the caution limit (QFI  holding exceeding  8% ( presently) of the paid-up equity capital) has been reached .

100 % delivery percentage in  L&TFH  since it was moved to T2 T segment
Retail investors generally come across only EQ and BE series.  Normal share trading is done under EQ series and intra-day squaring of the trade is possible- that means a trade can be settled without accepting or giving its delivery.
Shares like L&T finance holding Ltd., Nitesh estates, Emami infrastructure, BL kashyap  trade under this category.

As under BE category no intra-day trade is allowed 'delivery percentage' is 100 %.


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