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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Unable to online invest in MCX IPO?

Investing in MCX IPO using net banking- do way the Pop-up blocker woes

Some investors who are first time using net banking to apply for the MCX IPO especially those using HDFC bank's net banking route are facing problems. Every time they complete the procedure instead of the confirmation what they get is the unfilled form which they had already filled.
Despite giving multiple tries result is same.
If you are one of those then don’t worry- this is happening due to the enabled pop-up blocker of your browser.
Just go to setting and turnoff the pop up blocker and then apply again.
When you are done you can again turn the pop-up blocker on.

How to turn off the pop up blocker?

Google Chrome: click on the wrench button to enter in the setting.
(1)    Then,
      Option->Under the hood->privacy
(2)    Click on Content Settings and then select the “allow all sites to show pop ups”
(3)    After having applied in the IPO, don’t forget to turn-on the pop-up blocker.
When a popup is blocked, you shall see a pop-up blocked message with a X (cross) sign- click there to choose 'temporarily allow the pop-up' option.

Internet Explorer
(1) Tools->Internet Options->privacy
(2) There you can allow the pop up’s.


When a popup is blocked, you shall see a pop up blocked message -clicking that can you can choose  'temporarily allow the pop-up' option.

(1)    Right click the page ->Edit site preferences->General
(2)    There you can change the pop up setting.


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