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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Top-20 best stock returns

Year 2011 was a disappointing year for the capital markets in India with Nifty (the benchmark index of the nation), falling around 25 per cent. Rising domestic interest rates, Europe’s debt crisis and slowing US economy were few reasons attributed for the underperformance of the capital markets.
Year 2012 opened on a positive note anticipating possible policy rate slashing and so far maintained its tempo with Nifty gaining 15 per cent.
But there were many stocks which outperformed the benchmark index by miles and vital few among those are depicted in the following snap.

Jet Airways topped the list with 97 % returns followed by RIIL and Reliance Infra posting returns of 69 and 65 per cent respectively.
Jet airways started with government allowing 49% FDI in country’s aviation sector by foreign airlines. Jet’s share today spurted on the news of government allowing airlines companies to import ATF (aviation turbine fuel).
Other outperformer stocks belonged to banking and other interest sensitive sectors.


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