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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How to backup Neat & Clean daily data in Amibroker

We often need the backup of quotes-data so that we can use it in our new computer-system or reload it in case of the formatting our existing system.
But this data should be neat & clean i.e. adjusted for bonuses, splits and devoid of deleted tickers.

Simplest way to save data is by using an AFL to display the data in Automatic Analysis (AA) window and then saving it in the excel sheet.

Aforesaid AFL lets you to choose the range and then it displays the data (O, H, L, C, V, and OI) for this range in the Automatic Analysis Window.
You can right click in AA window and copy the data in the excel sheet.

Desired data in AA window

If you have huge data then you should save data in parts. If you want data for the year 2005, set both parameters as 2005.

Note: if your data lacks the open interest field then you should  replace the line 

AddColumn(OI,"Open Interest",1); 


//AddColumn(OI,"Open Interest",1);

PS: (1) you can set the range using 'parameters' option in the AA window.
(2) This AFl captures only daily data and not IEOD data.


Alex said...

Thanks Avadhoot, it's very helpful..

ava said...

welcome Alex

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