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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rising financial disparity among US citizens

Recently intriguing data were released about the rising disparity among US citizens.
·         And according to that just top 1 % of US citizens own around 40% of the national wealth which was 33% 25 years ago.
·         Top 1% of American people take home around 24% of the national income, while in the year 1976 they took just 9%.
·         Top 1% of US citizen own hold around 50% of the country’s stocks, bonds and MF investment while bottom 50% hold only .5% of the investments.
·         Top 1% of US citizens have only 5% of the personal debt while bottom 90% has whopping 73% of the total debt.
Rich people are getting richer as laws are always made in their favor and rest is done by the investment.


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