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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Block Deal vs. Bulk Deal

Block Deals
Block deals are executed on special window provided by the stock exchanges; block deal orders are not routed through normal window thus these order are not visible in normal window.
·         Each order should either have quantity of at least 5, 00000 shares or value of the order should be greater than Rs. 5 Crore (whichever is lower).
·         At NSE Block Deal is settled under settlement type ‘N’ and ‘BL’ series. Deal is settled on T+2th day necessarily in dematerialized form.
·         A block deal must result in delivery of the shares, and no squaring or reversing of the trade is allowed
·         Trade price of the block deal should not exceed +/- 1 % of the ruling market price or previous close
·         Block deal timing on NSE is from 9:15 AM to 9:50 AM
Bulk Deal
When an order is of the quantity which is .5% or more of the total number of shares listed on the exchange, it is categorized as Bulk Deal.
Bulk Deal orders are visible in normal trading window, while Block Deal orders are not visible (as deal happens through the special window).


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