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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Before investing in L&T Finance Holding IPO

Presently L&T Finance Holding Ltd. IPO is open under the Book Built option, with the price band of Rs. 51-Rs.59.
Retail investors don’t have to bother at what price they should bid; by simply opting for the Cut-Off option they shall get shares of the company at the discovered price. As the price band is wide, investors should better go for the cut- off option.
How shall this help?
Suppose if a retail investor bids at Rs. 59 (Cap Price) and if discovered price happens to be Rs. 57 then Investors shall be paying Rs 2 more for each share; on the other hand if he bids at Rs. 55, then he shall not get shares at all.
Another important option which every investor should avail is ASBA  (preferably using the net banking ) for applying for this IPO. Using ASBA shall save investor from many hassles and refund concerns.


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