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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Timbor Home Shows True Colors

Ultimately Timbor Home’s share shown its true colours, today stock closed at ì  68.6 which is 38 % down from its all time high price.

Timbor Home was listed on 22nd June 2011 at ì  72 and it touched the highest price of ì  108.7 on the very next day, since then stock is on its southward journey.
And this was obvious and that’s why I had categorically recommended against this IPO in IPO analysis report.
Despite its fabulous listing, I had cautioned investors about manipulation being played in  this stock, in one of earlier posts.
Presently this stock is falling with decreasing volume and increasing delivery, this means artificial price propping is withering and the same is resulting in falling stock price.

What is interesting to see is that Nifty has gained 7% since Timbor's listing whiles this stock is depreciated by 38 % from its all time high.

Morale is, savvy investors should never overlook fundamentals before investing.


Anonymous said...

hmm i have 80 shares of it in holding state . i forgot the basic rule and bought the shares that never buy in falling market . 1330rs current lose . just 2 days ago i had made over 55ors with it . well money is money aferall even if its mere few hundreds . i wish tomorrow it reach around 80 and i just come out of it at right time . today even i initially earned some money via short selling but as clock tick 11:00 this stock started to roll . completely ruled by GAMBLERS .
yesterday this stock went as high as 98 and then sudden breakdown and it was tasting 82 mark . 16 points jump in just 15 minutes . fall from 90 to 84 something in just 1 swoop . highly gamblers rules this stock .

ava said...

Price rigging was evident from collaborative scalping by various broking houses on the listing day.

Bank of America Online said...

I think artificial price propping is withering and the same is resulting in falling stock price.

ava said...

party ends when music ends.

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