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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Invest in gold systematically on every decline

When major currencies of the world lose value, investors seek refuge in gold. That’s why depreciating dollar helped gold surge high over past several years.
Only thing that may go against gold is the selling by central banks of the world which have tons of gold, but this probability in present geopolitical situation seems unforeseen.
Central banks in several countries have expressed their interest to increase gold investment.
World over gold production is not matching the consumption.
Demand of gold is increasing in India and china with increase in their national wealth.
USA government’s spending and their weak dollar policy is favourable for gold appreciation.
By the time I wrote this write up, USA debt was 55,334 billion dollar and this shall keep on increasing day by day.
To cope up with increasing debt USA has no option but to keep the dollar weak, and weaker dollar shall make investors end up buying gold.
On every decline doing systematic investment in gold shall pay in future.


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