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Monday, May 2, 2011

Amibroker- A wonderful tool to track your stocks part-1

Though Amibroker is technical analysis program but it is quite useful for investors too.
Apart from charting, its scanning capabilities are just amazing, which helps us in finding the desired stocks fulfilling certain conditions.
Amibroker easily shows us how much a stock moved in a period, trend of the price, relative position of the latest price with respect to its moving averages etc.
If our database has quotes of the stocks over a decade, it’s always easy to see the chart in monthly time frames.

The above chart shows us how Infosys moved in past several years.
Fundamental data of stocks too can be easily imported in Amibroker, which makes it easier for us to evaluate the stock.

AFL (Amibroker Formula Language)
AFL is the array processing language, which operates on arrays of data. AFL is the language which enables us to deduce many things which can’t be done  using built-in features. 

In the following chart,an AFL is used to display the Highest and the Lowest value of the ICICI bank in the past 2 months.

There are around 1500 tickers  listed in NSE,and it is almost impossible to track desired stocks from these.
That's where Amibroker's exploration feature comes to our rescue.

In the following snap, we could see the top 10 stocks, which have given the best returns in this calender year.

Within seconds, with the help of AFL we could find the best performing stocks of this calendar year from 1500 odd tickers.
I shall discuss more about  Amibroker and AFL, later.


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